What should you be doing with your CAD/GIS Big Data?

Thrive in the Era of Big Data

Data is constantly generated by everything we do. So it shouldn't be surprising when we say that the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry has entered the era of Big Data — the need to collect and connect to volumes of information generated by projects that are designed, constructed and maintained by AEC companies. Here's the challenge — what can AEC companies do with Big Data?

Unfortunately, many leave the collected data isolated and dormant because of the sheer volume, velocity and variety that is produced. Just think about the number of models, construction drawings, revisions, memos, inspections, schedules, staging, onsite modifications and as-built documents that are generated when a project goes from concept to construction. And that's just the start as the job of maintaining the project lifecycle begins.


Who Are We?

About Midwest CAD Solutions

Midwest CAD Solutions is a company based on over 25 years of experience in the AEC Engineering software realm.

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Optimized configurations and training of Bentley and Autodesk product lines can increase your profit margins.

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Come and take a look at our ready-to-go, easily customizable solutions for Autodesk and Bentley engineering software.

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Midwest CAD Solutions excels in working with Document Management Systems, Building Information Models (BIM), CAD and GIS disciplines and the process of integrating multiple streams of data to improve the way databases store and retrieve vital engineering information.
AEC companies are engaged by Owner/Operators to produce BIM models that allow them to make real-world design decisions before generating working CAD construction drawings. But the data locked inside BIM models and CAD drawings must be integrated into common information models to search, review, approve, maintain, produce, retrieve and revise, as required.
Take a closer look at how Midwest CAD Solutions can work with any BIM software, Document Management System and database to streamline your workflow, improve data retention and make productive collaboration possible.


Work productively from start to finish

Whether working with AEC-specific software from Autodesk, Bentley or ESRI, deploying document management systems, building common information models from diverse sources, designing custom tools and applications, Midwest CAD Solutions is your one-stop shop. Here are some of the services we provide, always focused on reducing development time and costs, while making your business more productive. Need help with something that is not on the list? Give us call at 763.218.1162 or send us an email customizit@mcscad.com and we'll discuss with you how we can serve you.

Strategic Planning

We take the guess work out of implementation. Whether bogged down in a current project or needing to prepare for a new one, our proven methods reduce the planning process. After reviewing your workflow, assessing the target requirements and working with internal guidance, Midwest CAD Solutions presents a complete documented strategy to go forward. Don't fail because of poor planning due to incomplete strategies or unanticipated consequences.

Data Migration

We know the challenges of migrating your data, whether upgrading to another database, rebuilding a new structure or just moving to a new server. That's why we review your active database and identify your data sources before any plans are developed. Then Midwest CAD Solutions reshapes data streams to form common information models used to complete the database migration. Why move data around if it doesn't improve your production?

Data Optimization

We recognize that databases continually require fine tuning and adjustments once in production, if they are to operate efficiently. Midwest CAD Solutions can help you identify why a production database is performing extremely slow, whether due to inefficient queries, unruly tables, incomplete indexes or data streams. Remember, databases do not improve over time without intervention.

CAD Integration

We have 25+ years experience working with AEC companies, integrating CAD and GIS data, BIM models, drawings, document management systems and databases. Midwest CAD Solutions compresses the time it takes to implement your CAD integration by using proven strategies, custom scripts and tools. Get your CAD, GIS, BIM models, drawings, document management system and databases into common information sources, centralizing your critical business data.

Document Management

Integrate new or existing document management systems and collaborative technologies to your CAD data, including GIS data, BIM Models and enterprise content stores immediately on your workplace. We'll show you how to effectively share media-rich documents and configurations, while improving global access and security to your enterprise-wide content. Don't wait to make document control, collaboration and security integral solutions to your AEC data.


We start right where you are and assist in implementing or improving local and wide area networks. Midwest CAD Solutions can help you with Microsoft Windows Server installations, including Small Business Server, Windows 2016/2019 Server and required applications, Web services, SQL Server and more. Also, Linux and Docker containerizing consulting services are offered, contact us today.


We provide extensive consulting services focused on improving production for AEC companies. Our extensive set of custom scripts and tools are ready to be customized with minimal work, unique to your workflow, ensuring we are always under budget and on time. Midwest CAD Solutions provide complete development and support for Autodesk, Bentley, ESRI, Microsoft products and offer solutions for website design, visualization and FME Services.


We excel in providing our customers the best possible learning experience that ensures your workforce is ready for every product deployment you have planned. Whether going on site, conducting live web training or building browser-based courses, Midwest CAD Solutions partners with you to capture and create custom training at generic prices, including generating video-based lessons and writing custom manuals.

Live, Online Instructor-led Training

Studies have proven students achieve maximum retention through hands-on repetition. In our small classes, you will learn through a series of short lectures followed by hands-on practice of the skills presented.

Our Instructors

Highly-skilled professionals with deep product expertise are teaching our courses. Each of our instructors have taught hundreds of courses with rave reviews.

Customized Training

We can customize your learning experience by using your libraries, processes and CAD standards. Students not only learn how to accomplish specific tasks but they learn how to do them within your workflow.

Cost Savings

We lead our courses live, using a virtual classroom. All you need is an Internet connection. That means that you get the benefits of a live training, but at a much lower cost. All classes include hands-on practice of the skills presented.


With live, virtual training, you get all the benefits of on-site training but without the cost

  • Personal learning experience with a live instructor.
  • Class prices are very reasonably evaluated.
  • No travel-related costs or coordination.
  • Students are encouraged to engage with the instructor.
  • Classes are taught by professions with deep product expertise.
  • Classes can be customized to the specific needs of the people in the class.
  • Classes are typically over the period of 2-4 days.


Make our experience work for you

Regardless of the industry, if you work with AEC-specific software from Autodesk, Bentley or ESRI, deploying SharePoint technologies, building common information models from diverse sources, designing custom tools and applications, Midwest CAD Solutions is your one-stop shop. Here are some of the industries we have served. Our services are always focused on reducing development time and costs, while making your business more productive. Need help with something that is not on the list? Give us call 763.218.1162 or send us an email at customizit@mcscad.com and we'll discuss.

The Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Midwest CAD Solutions is experienced in working with Energy companies, from electric utilities to oil and gas, and understands the common challenge they face when it comes to leveraging Big Data. Because much of the data exists in a format that cannot be easily inserted into a relational database, Energy companies, at best, ingest a small subset of the petabytes of information they collect.

By normalizing information from multiple data streams into a common data format, Midwest CAD Solutions enables Energy companies to reclaim business data, that currently resides in isolated and untapped virtual bins. It's time for Energy companies to achieve better information granularity, react in real-time to CAD design decisions and integrate diverse data sources, such as geospatial, SmartGrids and field equipment information.

The Engineering Industry

Engineering Industry

With 25 years in the Engineering industries, Midwest CAD Solutions knows how to improve efficiency, productivity, workflow, CAD design, document management and data exchanges. We begin by reviewing your design process, including identifying the design software used, what CAD files are produced, where data bottlenecks occur and who needs access to the data.

As experts in Autodesk, Bentley, ESRI and Microsoft products, Midwest CAD Solutions can assist you in the integration process between CAD, GIS, BIM models, document management systems, SharePoint and database of choice. We know engineering.

The Design Industry

Design Industry

Midwest CAD Solutions knows how to work with Autodesk, Bentley and ESRI software to create 2D and 3D models. We have helped companies master their CAD software to design buildings, layout landscape architecture, manage floor space, generate digital terrain models, create bridges and roads.

And as companies continue to increase the number of design projects that are created as 3D BIM models, Midwest CAD Solutions is ready to help. We know how to extract BIM data and push it out to relational databases and can assist companies in their move from the design process to life cycle management.

The Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Whether a big box store or a local storefront, the Retail industry is looking for processes that can add value and reduce waste for construction, floorspace and asset management. Midwest CAD Solutions is poised to assist Retail companies master BIM modeling, improve collaborative workflow and integrate data from multiple sources and formats.

With the proper training, integration and customization, Midwest CAD Solutions can help you to increase performance and production. We know how to adjust software configuration, expand CAD functions and tools, seamlessly and comprehensively manage documents, as well as improve workflow throughout the design, construction and building lifecycle.



Midwest CAD Solutions is a company based on 25 years of experience in the AEC Engineering software realm. If you are doing business with the Department of Transportation, Army Corp of Engineers or Utility companies; Midwest CAD Solutions can help. CAD Standards for AutoCAD and MicroStation. Assistance with Application interoperability and much more! We pick up and finish where the software vendor leaves off.

Our Development Work

Midwest CAD Solutions develops solutions that work with Bentley Systems, Autodesk, ESRI, Microsoft and other software solutions.


With the increasing need for large companies to incorporate strict CAD standards, the need for qualified help is growing. At Midwest CAD Solutions, our focus is on electronic deliverables and software automation. Let our staff streamline your organization. From engineering document management systems to plotting software and custom routines, we can configure these applications to increase your current workflow efficiency! We Specialize in Bentley, Autodesk, ESRI & SAFE\FME deployments at small or large companies.

Optimized configurations and training of Bentley, Autodesk and ESRI product lines can increase your profit margins! Let Midwest CAD Solutions configure your software and train your personnel. Don't continue to waste your valued design and engineering man hours trying to stumble though complex software configurations.

Call Midwest CAD Solutions now at 763.218.1162 or email us at customizit@mcscad.com to get started!